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Cyberhoist I - the revolution in motion control

CyberHoist-InMotion3D opens up whole new creative opportunities
Any set elements, such as backgrounds, canopies, chandeliers or objects, can be moved simply and effortlessly on their own or in groups.

Exhibits such as cars or machines are moved through the space with pinpoint precision. Even people can be moved.

Mobile lighting beams make it possible to create dynamic sets and ever-changing lighting situations.
The gliding motion of the light sources allows you to design fascinating lighting moods to enchant the audience.

Variable speeds ensure that motions are smooth and flowing, for example to create deceleration effects.
All this with a precision of +/- 0.1 mm across the entire chain.

A new dimension to events equipment
The revolutionary basis for this pioneering motion system is the combination of CyberHoist motors with the InMotion3D control software.

Among other things, the features which stand out are the speed and simplicity with which scenes can be set up and programmed, or the highly accurate positioning and speed control with simultaneously variable speeds of up to 20 metres a minute.

CyberHoist - the brain is inside the motor

The smart CyberHoist motor* creates the precise movements which are so characteristic of this system. Every motor comes with a processor, the “Flux Vector Drive”, which communicates with the control computer via Ethernet link.
The motor thus transmits real-time information about positions, speeds, temperature, loads and other status reports to the control unit.

The Flux Vector Drive provides a powerful torque for variable acceleration or braking throughout the speed range. Variable speeds are possible between 6 mm/min (0.1 mm/s to 20 m/min; 333 mm/s), at steps of 0.1 mm/s.
This means that movements can be achieved with a precision of +/- 0.1 mm across the chain.
Only slight dynamic loads appear during acceleration or braking processes.