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Cyberhoist II - the next level

CyberHoist II – New generation of world’s first intelligent, variable speed chain hoist.

CyberHoist II CH528  |  500 kg  |  0-28 m/min.

CyberHoist II TM sets a new world standard as dedicated intelligent motion control chain hoist for global touring. It was specifically developed
by XLNT Advanced Technologies to meet the unique, uncompromising needs of the entertainment industry.

Your safety is our priority.
CyberHoist II TM is compliant with applicable international safety standards and codes of practice (EN61508-SIL3/DIN56950/BS/FEM).

The hoist for heavy-duty touring and moving medium to heavyweight objects
Convenience and durability are prominent aspects in our design. CyberHoist II TM is a compact, multi-voltage plug & play chain hoist suitable
for heavy-duty touring and shows worldwide. Easy maintenance and extremely short set-up and tear-down times make CyberHoist II TM
both time and cost efficient.

The ultimate creative experience
CyberHoist II TM allows you to create complex 2D and 3D movements with multiple actuators in single or group formations. Absolute precision
and unique object-oriented programming using multiple actuators are offered by combining CyberHoist II TM with the MotionCue3D™
operating consoles.

Cyberhoist II - ready for use

  • Designed to meet the most demanding entertainment requirements
  • Road-ready with auto ranging input voltage for global use (200-440V, 50/60 Hz
  • Compliant with applicable international safety standards and codes of practice (EN61508-SIL3/DIN56950/BS/FEM)
  • Compact all-in-one design including drive-unit and motion controller
  • Absolute positioning (0.1 mm) for basic repetitive to complex 2D and 3D movements
  • Elevated duty cycle (60%) for fast lifting of heavy loads
  • Network controlled E-stop and Dead Man’s Handle without additional cabling