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Cyberhoist II - The intelligent hoist for global touring and large-scale events

Power & Intelligence

  • Dedicated design meeting specific entertainment industry needs
  • Flux Vector Drive for smooth movements, fluid velocity changes and True Zero speed without using brakes
  • Road-ready, plug & play auto configuration
  • Multi-voltage for global use (200-440V, 50/60 Hz) with integrated power regulator
  • Elevated duty factor up to 60% for intensive use and heavy-duty show performance
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • 0.1 millimeter accuracy in absolute positioning and repetitive actions
  • Integrated multi-port high performance Ethernet switch
  • Easy accessibility and interchangeable control panel
  • Hoist parameter data storage independently from control panel – automatic reconfiguration after replacement

Sophistication & Safety

  • Compact design with integrated motion processing in durable aluminum housing with solid epoxy coating (80 μm)
  • Solid-state motor control and brake management using double DC brakes for extra safety
  • Efficient energy management using regenerative braking: braking energy is returned to the power network
  • Access for optional set-up and maintenance remote
  • Usable in normal and inverted positions
  • Integrated load cell for overload and slack chain detection
  • Built in emergency limits
  • Network controlled E-Stop and Dead Man’s Handle