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MotionCue3D - control platform and operating console

Making motion control a truly creative process

MotionCue3D™ sets a new world standard as a software platform with dedicated operating consoles, specifically developed to meet the
uncompromising needs of leading professionals in live entertainment and concert touring.

The ultimate creative experience
MotionCue3D™ is a fully integrated programming and control system for all actuators within the CyberMotion™ family. By linking multiple
actuators together to create single or multiple objects in a 3D environment, MotionCue3D™ calculates and communicates with each
CyberHoist II to create the smoothest, fastest and most accurate movements available in motion control. MotionCue3DTM allows you to
program a performance in minutes. Define objects, cues and freely assigned points of rotation for spectacular movement. Multiple timelines
running in parallel provides super natural and ultra smooth object behavior. C-Power™ provides accurate worldwide (200-440V, 50/60
Hz) power to the CyberMotion™ mechanics.

Convenience, durability and safety
Convenience and durability are prominent aspects in our design. The MotionCue3D™ control platform and plug & play operating consoles
are compact, intuitive to use and suitable for global touring, large-scale events, multi-purpose venues and (semi-) fixed installation. Easy
programming and extremely short set-up and tear-down times make MotionCue3D™ both time and cost efficient. MotionCue3D™ is SIL3
compliant (EN61508).