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MotionCue3D - control platform and operating console

Perfection and absolute safety

  • Check whether preprogrammed shows can be carried out with the proposed actuators
  • Lateral Force Correction (LFC)© is the best way to monitor gravitational force and load distribution, avoids slack chains or ropes and reduces oscillation
  • Collision recognition for items
  • Automatically calculates transitions from one cue to the next
  • Automatically recalculates the position and parameters within a programmed item after an actuator is added or removed; allows functions to be changed without any safety risk or additional work for the programmer.
  • Safer and more convenient as you can test whether preprogrammed shows are viable with the proposed actuators
  • Multiple consoles attached to a system can be used at once if required
  • Dual power supply
  • Apple Mac OS X operating system

Flexibility and creative object-oriented programming

  • Program entire shows in three quick steps with or without CA software
  • Add, remove or change actuators for items, or add, remove or change individual items in running show files
  • Spectacular movements: up to eight subitems can be defined per item, as well as one adjustable centre of rotation
  • Control up to 256 actuators or 128 items
  • Calculate actuator position on an item-by-item basis
  • Curves can be edited by parameter and cue
  • Supports SMPTE, MIDI, DMX, ARTNET etc. for triggering
  • Actuators operated manually in real time during build-up and break-down
  • Offline preprogramming
  • Unlimited number of cues and axes
  • Direct access to item positions
  • Hard drive