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Years of experience and enthusiasm are the key to individual, brilliant solutions for rigging and concert planning.
In 2016 we will get Motion on stage again.

That’s why we have decided to continue investing in our Base in Germany, and purchased the Cyberhoist II system in line with BGV C1.

RCL – make your event captivating and safe

Since 2002, our team of 30 event riggers, set constructors, climber and event technicians have offered a varied range of services to meet your every need, whether you are in the entertainment or industrial sector. Rigging is RCL's core activity: after all, our specialists have been working on truss systems for more than 28 years. They gained their experience with numerous events organizer and stage construction companies, and most have been successful in the sector since the Start of the 1990s.

RCL has brought together these skilled workers to create a pool of experienced, specialised, and motivated staff.
RCL: your skilled, partner with expertise.